Discover A New Life Through the Lens of Relaxation

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As a survivor of sexual abuse, harassment and attacks, you have to deal with painful feelings all too often. You may experience blame, guilt and self-doubt–feelings that can get us all tied up and make us miserable.

These feelings start out as a survival technique and then become a habit. It was difficult to deal with the abuser, who might have had a lot of power over you. So, it can be easier to turn on yourself because the only person you really have control over is you.

Stopping Self-Blame

So how do you turn those feelings around and stop blaming yourself?  You have an advantage. Because those blaming feelings are your feelings, you can change the way you interpret them. You can be angry and change that from being angry that “I let myself be taken advantage of,” to “I am angry at what was done to me.”

A good place to begin is understanding who you really are and why you are here on this earth. After all the world is filled with amazing beauty and wonder!  But as you know it is also filled with danger and ugliness. You are here to experience who you really are.

The operative word is ‘experience’. So, when you have an experience, especially one that is unpleasant or even awful, the way you interpret that experience forms, how you look at the world and yourself. Taking a negative view of yourself can lead to more negative experiences.

This is a simple fact because, if you expect to fall or stub your toe, you often do. That is where getting tools to help like self-hypnosis, meditation, and learning to connect the body and the mind can give you a new point of view and change everything. And the ability to relax is an important first step into feeling better.

The Power of Relaxation

When you relax you can connect more deeply inside and bring out your inner guidance. Bringing out that inner guidance is so very important in the healing process and it creates a better life in general.

The downloadable self-hypnosis mp3 sessions give you the ability to relax and connect with your deeper self. Remember you are on a journey and being able to really relax, settle into your body and quiet your mind makes that journey meaningful and rewarding.

It starts with changing your feelings in the moment. And just a moment’s change can lead to permanent change through repetition. And the best way to find out is to try it for yourself.

I recommend listening to the session three or four times in a week and then at least once a week after that for a month. Often what you discover is that your attitudes change and those negative feelings are no longer directed at yourself.

I would love hearing from you about how the self-hypnosis session benefited you and if there are any changes you would recommend. Also, feel free to share with others because it can be very helpful to them and to you.

I am Karen Gless, Ph.D. I am an RN, LMFT, Sex Therapist and Couples counseling expert. I am the creator of “The Pure Pleasure System for Men and The Pure Pleasure System for Women”.  You have a right to enjoy great sex for a lifetime. Visit me at the Sex Therapy Doctor website.