How to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

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Hi Dr. Gless,

I saw your website about solving premature ejaculation. I would like to ask if it really works for men like me. I tend to ejaculate within a few minutes of intercourse. My girlfriend is unusual in that she wants me to last 20 or 30 minutes so she can climax. So I have tried the stop start method on her and it doesn’t help. I am hoping your product can help me.

Thanks for your help,



Hi J,

Yes, at Best PE Treatment you will find our system called The Pure Pleasure System for Men  and it has worked for many men. The key to preventing premature ejaculation (PE) is the ability to relax and have some sense of the point of inevitability. Also you need to know, where you are at, along the sexual excitement scale. The MP3 and the accompanying book are set up to help with this.

How to Prevent Premature EjacultaionIt is not unusual for women to take 20 to 30 minutes to climax. Usually that involves a combination of foreplay and intercourse. Hartman and Fithian found that 7 minutes was the average time that intercourse lasted. FYI: Some of the problems your wife or girlfriend is experiencing may also come from needing more foreplay. It wouldn’t hurt you to relax more too.

BTW; The stop start method never works for women. It is not meant to. Its use is for men to learn to last longer,  on their own.  If you want you can practice on your own using the exercises outlined in the book that comes with  our system. However, The Pure Pleasure System for Men is more powerful than that. and what is great is that it is fun to listen to the MP3s. I hope this gives you the information you were looking for in regards to preventing premature ejaculation and or learning to last. I have worked with many men who have learned to last longer by using my MP3s and the accompanying manual. 



Karen Gless, Ph.D.