Stop Premature Ejaculation

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Dr. Gless –
I have a premature ejaculation problem. I have been given a medication like Prozac for it in the past, however, I don’t want to take medications for this problem anymore. I climax once I penetrate very quickly. Do you think your system would really work for me?

Please advise




Hi D,

It sounds like you are really physically sensitive. However, on a positive note, you do get inside a woman as some men with severe premature ejaculation (PE) find even that challenging. It is very difficult to stop premature ejaculation when you are that sensitive and to turn PE around.

Stop Premature EjaculationYes, Medical Doctors recommend medication and that can help in the short run, but in the long run the best treatment is to learn to relax, believe it or not. I know, right! Men say to me but I want to please her, for us to have fun and for her not to be mad at me. How can I relax? And I say I understand but one of the keys to stop premature ejaculation is to relax mentally and physically especially your legs. I also find that some men gain from getting to know their body a whole lot better through progressive exercises. I do believe that my MP3s can help you but they are not a quick fix pill for you. It takes time to change old patterns and you have an added problem in that you are extra sensitive. I tell men that they need to learn to tolerate greater pleasure, not feel less.

Unlike impotence, premature ejaculation is not an indicator of any underlying disease. The latest research indicates that it is probably due to preexisting patterns developed during early sexual experiences. Most early sexual encounters occur under pressure due to a fear of being caught or interrupted. This pressure combined with guilt feelings or anxiety leads to a low tolerance for pleasure and an unconscious need to finish quickly that continues long after those early experiences are part of the past. Learning to enjoy the many pleasures sex has to offer,discovering how to relax and identifying the point of no return begins to reverse the pattern.

I have found that many men with premature ejaculation are hard workers and very goal oriented. They want to do “a good job.” The solution to stopping premature ejaculation is to savor the sexual feelings and relax using the Pleasure Principle. Staying with your feelings in the Plateau Phase actually postpones orgasm and relaxing helps to reduce the rush to orgasm.

I find that using these MP3s along with learning to enjoy the trip and savor the experience increases the speed with which men learn to last longer by not trying to last longer. The MP3 titled, “Lasting Pleasure,” addresses the issue of having an orgasm too quickly. MP3, “Learning to Last,” deals with performance expectations and focuses on identifying the point of no return. MP3, “Prolonging Pleasure,” communicates with the unconscious mind and shows how to lengthen the Plateau Phase.

I hope this helps answer your question.

Karen Gless, Ph.D.