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Love Style has to do with your basic way of handling emotions in your life. Among other things it influences how you:

• Handle conflict
• Express Love
• Cope with emotions
• Work with others
• Have fun

What does it mean to be an Intense style?

? Intense individuals seeks excitement

? Intense individuals enjoy a good time and even like a rousing disagreement.

? Intense individuals may have strong emotional ups and downs especially compared to the other styles.

? Intense individuals tend to remain romantic and passionate long into a relationship.

It is useful to know your love style because it makes it a lot easier get along with your partner. Things tend to go more smoothly when you both have the same love style.

So, if you are both intense, you are likely to enjoy noisy parties and going to rock concerts. If you are both calm, you will like staying home and having a nice meal with pleasant conversation.

And two nesting types will get along fine, though they may try to talk any issue to death.  But that is simply fine for them when a couple has the same style.

But what if you do not have the same style? That is why we are sharing this test with you. Because in my practice I have found very often that just knowing that your partner is a different style is helpful.

It is useful to understand that your partner is not purposefully trying to hurt you. Because that is how my patients have said it felt sometimes.  When a partner has a different Love Style, it can be challenging once the honeymoon phase of a relationship is over. There are a number of ways a partner can be different but if you can get a handle on this one thing your relationship can be much smoother.

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