By Dr. Karen Gless

Get ready for the best sex of your life.

Dr. Karen Gless has over 20 years experience as a sex therapist and relationship counselor. She has discovered how mindfulness can deepen sexual pleasure and help overcome blocks to a satisfying sex life. Stress is the real enemy of sexual pleasure and love. Instead of being able to relax and enjoy themselves, too many men worry about performance and this can lead to premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. The result is frustration and even feelings of failure.BUY NOW button

  • The Power to Last
  • Confident Erections
  • Deeper Pleasure
  • Complete Satisfaction
  • And Much, Much More...

Dr. Gless gives an introduction to mindful sex for men and then guides listeners through a training in mindful mediation. This is followed by six special sessions for men to overcome performance demands and increase sexual pleasure by connecting with their experience of the moment.


Content - Sessions for Men

Session 1Getting Free
You let go of performance demands and so you can recapture your natural appreciation and enjoyment of sexual feelings.

Session 2: Greater Pleasure
You deepen your ability to be in the moment and experience all the sexual feelings and sensations your body is capable of.

Session 3: Erectile Confidence
Trying to force an erection only leads to more problems. You release worries and trying hard to let the wisdom of your body and deeper mind take over and increase confidence. 

Session 4:Potency Through Pleasure
Mindful awareness of relaxation and pleasure leads to the natural response of an erection. By focusing on pleasure you can have an erection as long as you need.

Session 5: Learning to Last
You learn the different sensations of arousal and how to identify the point of no return, that point where orgasm seems inevitable. You develop the ability to relax while savoring the sensations of arousal.

Session 6: Prolonging Pleasure
The distraction technique for preventing premature ejaculation actually cuts you off from pleasure. You learn to play with the pleasures of arousal and even back off from the point of no return by focusing on pleasure. You then deal with PE by prolonging pleasure.

The Pleasure Principle

Keep love alive with mindful sex.

Performance expectations create stress and are the biggest block to fully enjoying sex. Sexual arousal begins with relaxation, but focusing on performance makes it difficult or impossible to be in the present and fully enjoy the sexual love you are sharing with your partner. The main blocks to fully enjoying sex are:

  • Focusing on performance instead of pleasure
  • Trying too hard to please instead of just being present

When a couple is in love, powerful emotions sweep away all stress and worries so that when they are together they can focus completely on pleasurable feelings and each other. They enter a spontaneous state of mindfulness.  After you have been together for a while that ‘in love’ feeling fades. The Mindful Sex System for men gets you back into those spontaneous, youthful feelings and lets you enjoy each other all over again.

The System

Worry comes from the mind. Anxiety and pressure to perform are the biggest killers of the ability to function sexually. Being in the moment with each other erases worry, anxiety and performance expectations. Being fully present is also called mindfulness. Your mind is fully aware of your experience in the here-and-now. Then you let your body and deeper emotions take over. This is the true mind-body connection.  That’s why I created the Mindful Sex Sessions for men, to enable men to experience the pleasure that can come from being present and fully experiencing their emotions and sensations.

I created the Mindful Sex System so couples can experience the deepest pleasure and love during sex and overcome blocks to full enjoyment. There are three parts to the system:

  • Mindful Sex for Women
  • Mindful Sex for Men
  • The Ecstasy Series

Satisfied couples who have used these sessions tell me that it is like “falling in love again.” Don't wait another moment, You deserve the best sex of your Life.

For Men: Too Much Pressure

The truth is that the way to wonderful sex is much easier than we are lead to believe.  It isn’t a 1000 sexy tricks or the perfect romantic setting. All this pressure to be the perfect lover just creates more problems for men. Just ask yourself:

  • Are you experiencing erectile dysfunction?
  • Do you climax too quickly?
  • Do you feel inadequate sexually?

So if you feel that something is missing or you long for more, what can you do? The answer is surprisingly simple. Many couples in love discover the secret to the greatest sexual pleasure. But they often forget it as they settle into ordinary, day-to-day living. The secret to great sex is being completely present with each other.

The Mindful Sex for men sessions tune you into a deeper connection with your own pleasure through mindfulness. Problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are often resolved though mindfulness.BUY NOW button

Charles T., CA

What people are saying

I have been listening to your sessions for just three weeks and already I am getting real changes. Sex with my wife is much more exciting and it feels like were falling in love all over again.

J.C., MN

What people are saying

Dr. Gless, your voice on those MP3s is really relaxing and I really get in tune with what you are saying. All the sessions are different so I am never bored.

Randal S., TN

What people are saying

About a month ago I downloaded your MP3s. They have really made a big difference in my life. I really appreciate what you are doing and wanted to tell you so. I thank you.

C.B., FL

What people are saying

I wanted to thank you. I bought the MP3s and just love them. With your help I discovered that I was getting so distracted that I wasn't able to reach orgasm. With the help of your MP3s I can now focus on my own pleasure. I'm in love with my husband all over again.

J.D., CO

What people are saying

Dr. Gless, My wife and I have used your system with extraordinary results. Thank you so much. It has made us so much closer and happier.