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By Dr. Karen Gless and Dr. Lee Overholser

When you were first in love, getting to know each other was fun and exciting. But all too often learning about your partner stops when you move in together.

It’s easy for a couple to get caught up in separate careers and duties. Then they lose that vital connection and by the time they reach middle age they no longer know each other and are ready to break up.

If you want your relationship to last, you need this course to reawaken the joy of exploring each other’s lives and the adventure of facing life together.

Fun Full Exercises, Ebook and MP3s

  • Connect more deeply
  • Get more support from each other
  • Understand Separate Lives Syndrome
  • Prevent middle-age breakup
  • Have fewer arguments
  • Work things through faster and easier
  • And Much, Much More…


  • Book: Getting to Know You for a Lasting Relationship
  • MP3: Getting to Know Him (for women)
  • MP3: Getting to Know Her (for men)
  • This course will deepen your connection with each other as you learn to understand and value each other more. And that is what keeps a relationship alive for a lifetime.

Keep those in-love feelings going through your whole life together
Experience really working together
Have a more satisfying relationship
Easier to be more understanding of each other
Know where your partner is coming from during a disagreement
Coordinate better in all areas of life
Easier to pick a gift for your partner (mostly for men)

Getting to know each other is a blueprint for a successful, lasting relationship. Couples who know each other do much better than those who have big holes in their understanding of their partner. But it has to be a two-way street. You don’t want to be one of those couples where she knows a lot about football and he doesn’t have a clue about her world.

And there is so much more to discover about each other.  Life is an unfolding drama that can be exciting and thrilling as well as challenging.  When you continue to learn about each other, your love grows with the years.


The Course

It all starts with the main book, Getting to Know You for a Lasting Relationship. First you are guided in a review of much of your life before the two of you met. Even couples who think they know a lot about each other are surprised to discover how much is missing. You will be amazed at how much there is to discover.

Then you move on to connect with each other’s lives in the present through the Daily News exercise. After that you explore hopes and goals and tackle an exciting exercise?The Movie Swap

The Movie Swap is a fun exercise that couples get a lot out of. You each pick a film you like, usually an action film for a guy and a so-called “chick flick” for a woman. Then you compare notes to discover what your partner liked about the movie. It’s a real chance to get a deeper look into each other’s feelings and world.

Guided Sessions

In a Relaxed Experience Session MP3s you are guided to a deeper state where you connect with a powerful inner place. The narrator reconnects you with those wonderful feelings and hopes that drew the two of you together.

The MP3 for Men, Getting to Know Her, is a chance for men to open up to the emotional wisdom that women have. It helps him understand how women have a deep understanding of the dynamics of relationships and how their views of life and past events is colored by how they see people connecting with each other.

The MP3 for women, Getting to Know Him, shows how many men see life as a challenging adventure. It also helps a woman understand how deeply the majority of men are involved in competition and have difficulty appreciating the finer points of how relationships work.

With these new understandings and appreciation for each other, a couple can come to value what each one offers to the relationship and work together instead of fighting over differences.

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