By Dr. Karen Gless and Dr. Lee Overholser
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Learn the #1 Reason Relationships Fall Apart—Right Now!

I’m Dr. Karen Gless, Ph.D., and I’ve discovered the major reason relationships fail. Based on research, the astonishing fact is that while 90% of women know how to handle a long-term relationship, only 35% of men do. Put another way, when it comes to living with a woman and maintaining a marriage, two thirds of men don’t have a clue.

I’ve worked as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 20+ years. I’ve seen well over a thousand couples in trouble. From personal experience I know that most of today’s couples need real help in keeping their relationship healthy and happy.


Get the Whole Picture

Most of the books in stores and sites on the internet show you one or two pieces of the relationship puzzle. In my book I bring it all together and zero in on what really causes unhappy and broken relationships.  Then I show you what to do about it.

And that’s very important because while most women know how to handle a relationship, they don’t know how to communicate it to a man. I show you what to say and do to make a real difference.

Don’t wait until you are at the divorce lawyer’s door to learn these secrets. Read this book now. Couples tend to go through an average of six years of serious trouble before they come in for help. That’s like showing up at the hospital with a severely infected wound. It’s hard to treat and may even lead to an amputation, which is like separation or divorce.


This is the most important discovery about relationships ever!

Reading this book can save you lots of money and a great deal of emotional pain and grief. If you wait until your relationship is in real trouble, it’s much harder to turn things around. That’s why this information is so important you now.

A Woman’s Guide to Happily Ever After will show you how to:

  • Talk to a man so he actually listens.
  • Appreciate differences between men and women and really benefit from them.
  • Work through disagreements so you come out stronger and closer than you were before.
  • Keep your relationship happy for a lifetime.
  • The ideas in this book are distilled down to a few clear points and action steps that are easy to grasp, understand and use.
Charles T., CA

What people are saying

I have been listening to your sessions for just three weeks and already I am getting real changes. Sex with my wife is much more exciting and it feels like were falling in love all over again.

J.C., MN

What people are saying

Dr. Gless, your voice on those MP3s is really relaxing and I really get in tune with what you are saying. All the sessions are different so I am never bored.

Randal S., TN

What people are saying

About a month ago I downloaded your MP3s. They have really made a big difference in my life. I really appreciate what you are doing and wanted to tell you so. I thank you.

C.B., FL

What people are saying

I wanted to thank you. I bought the MP3s and just love them. With your help I discovered that I was getting so distracted that I wasn't able to reach orgasm. With the help of your MP3s I can now focus on my own pleasure. I'm in love with my husband all over again.

J.D., CO

What people are saying

Dr. Gless, My wife and I have used your system with extraordinary results. Thank you so much. It has made us so much closer and happier.