Month: July 2014

Does Marriage Counseling Work?

by Dr. Karen Gless, Ph.D. Couples In Trouble Couples whose relationship is in trouble are scared and desperate for help, but they are also worried. Just the other day a couple came in to see me and said, “We’re really

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Woman’s Health: Falling Out of Love with Husband

QUESTION: Dear Dr. Gless, I’m a 35 year old mother from Michigan; I haven’t had good sexual desire for my husband since I had my children. We did have a fairly good sex life before I had my children. But

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A Womans Orgasm

QUESTION: Dear M. K., I appreciate your need for anonymity. Sex is an awkward and uncomfortable subject in our society. Thank you for your frankness. I hope my notes will assists you. ANSWER: When the literature talks about a womans

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He doesn’t want me!

QUESTION: My boyfriend is 34 years old while I am only 24. He never seems interested in having sex while for me I like having sex most of the time. It bugs me so much that I become moody and

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Stop Premature Ejaculation

QUESTION Dr. Gless – I have a premature ejaculation problem. I have been given a medication like Prozac for it in the past, however, I don’t want to take medications for this problem anymore. I climax once I penetrate very

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How to Prevent Premature Ejacultaion

QUESTION Hi Dr. Gless, I saw your website about solving premature ejaculation. I would like to ask if it really works for men like me. I tend to ejaculate within a few minutes of intercourse. My girlfriend is unusual in

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Libido in Women: Where did My Sex Drive go?

QUESTION Dear Dr. Gless, I am currently on birth control pills and I’m wondering if this could be the reason for my low sex drive? I’ve been on them for about 2 years and my boyfriend has noticed a drop

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